Garlicard v1

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The very first cold storage card for Garlicoin! With your purchase you will receive instructions on how to load your card with GRLC. You will also receive two hologram stickers with your purchase, allowing you the chance to make your own GRLC DIY Cold Storage Card!

Reward yourself with one of the best mementos of current meme culture this side of the dankasphere.





1) Will you accept GRLC for these, and at what rate?

    A: Yes I will! I are currently waiting tor a payment gateway to make life so much easier.


2) Bulk discounts?

    A: Of course! If it seems as if a bunch of people would like to bulk order I'll set something more professional up, but for the time being just shoot me an email at !


3) When can I expect to receive my card/s?

    A: After the first week your order should be shipped within a couple days! Make sure to join our discord channel at: