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  • Garlicoin Coin - Meme.Shopping
  • Garlicoin Coin - Meme.Shopping
  • Garlicoin Coin - Meme.Shopping
  • Garlicoin Coin - Meme.Shopping
  • Garlicoin Coin - Meme.Shopping
  • Garlicoin Coin - Meme.Shopping
  • Garlicoin Coin - Meme.Shopping

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Feeling this sturdy piece in between your fingers is like nothing else, the smoothness of its finish, the weight of the metal. It's real, the meme dream is real.

Reward yourself with one of the best mementos of current meme culture this side of the dankasphere.

- We currently ONLY ACCEPT Cash


FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE (Safer International Shipping Available)





1) Will you accept GRLC for these, and at what rate?

    A: I will accept GRLC for some coins, I watch the quantities of coins sold and unsold and try to sell excess on /r/garlicmarket. Watch that subreddit for my posts!


2) What material is it made of?

    A:  Its not as luxurious as some of the other guys, but base metals. So that can mean a mixture of iron, lead, zinc, copper, and a ton of other metals. After the coins are diecut they are given a bath in some chemicals and go through a process known as electroplating to achieve the desired finish and color. (We are looking into more collectible coins in the future.)


3) Where do they ship from?

    A:They are going to ship from Georgia, the state in the United States.


4) They look cast, are they milled or cast?

    A: They're milled.


5) Can we get actual dimensions?   

    A: 1.5 inches is the diameter, and the thickness is 1/4th of an inch.


6) Both sides are the same?

    A: Yes on this specific coin they are the same.


7) The edge, is it textured?

    A: It is not textured.


8) Bulk discounts?

    A: Of course! If it seems as if a bunch of people would like to bulk order I'll set something more professional up, but for the time being just shoot me an email at !


9) Do the coins skuff?

    A: Sadly yes, from the samples we have they do tend to scuff if kept inside of your pocket for a period of time. Keep that in mind if you plan on carrying this coin around with you, its highly suggested to have some sort of carrying case for the coin for the best condition possible.


10) When can I expect to receive my coin/s?

    A: The current time frame for us receiving the coins is early March. Watch your email for future updates and join our discord channel at:

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